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Chinese Lunch Specials
Served with choice of rice and soup or soda.

Dinner Combo
Served with pork fried rice, brown rice or white rice and egg roll.

Japanese Teriyaki Combo
Served with white rice or brown rice and miso soup or egg roll or can soda.

Japanese Teriyaki
Served with rice and soup.

Diet Menu
Served with brown rice or white rice, steamed with no salt, sugar or oil. White, brown or garlic sauce on the side.

Chinese Soup
Served with fried noodles.

Fried Rice
Stri fried rice.

Lo Mein
No rice. Soft noodle.

Chow Mein
With white rice and noodles.

Chop Suey
With white rice.

Chow Fun and Mei Fun
Rice noodle.

Egg Foo Young
Comes with white rice, brown gravy on the side.

Chinese Pork
Comes with white rice.

Chinese Poultry
Comes with white rice.

Chinese Beef
Comes with white rice.

Chinese Seafood
Comes with white rice.

Sweet and Sour
Comes with white rice.

Moo Shu
Served with 5 pancakes.

Chinese Vegetable
Comes with white rice.